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The key differences between creativity and innovation

Most often there is a discussion about what´s the difference between creativity and innovation.

This is an attempt to explain it: (found at : )

Key Differences Between Creativity and Innovation

The following are the major differences between Creativity and Innovation:

  1. The quality of thinking new ideas and putting them into reality is creativity. The act of executing the creative ideas into practice is innovation.

  2. Creativity is an imaginative process as opposed to innovation is a productive process.

  3. Creativity can never be measured, but Innovation can be measured.

  4. Creativity is related to the generation of ideas which are new and unique. Conversely, Innovation is related to introduce something better into the market.

  5. Creativity does not require money. On the other hand, innovation requires money.

  6. There is no risk involved in creativity, whereas the risk is always attached to innovation.

Do you agree?

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