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6 Signs a Potential Employee Will Drain Your Team of Creativity

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I feel a bit drained of energy today, but yet hopeful that it´ll get better during the day. To paint a mural for two days also made me a bit tired.

I came to think of things that drains energy and especially creativity and came across this blog post with the title:

6 Signs a Potential Employee Will Drain Your Team of Creativity

We’ve all met people who love to drain others’ batteries; they are difficult to work with. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to recognize who on the team is keeping the others down. Hyatt shared signs that a potential employee will drain your team of energy. Without energy, there’s no creativity. Here are five signs:

1. They enjoy and create drama

The problem with working with people who love drama is that when there isn’t any, they can create and stir up trouble. Negative employees continually exaggerate the seriousness of co-workers’ mistakes, creating disagreements. Let’s be honest, company leaders don’t have time for that.

2. They Gossip

Drama comes with gossip. “Backbiting undermines the integrity of the team, and drains resources on managing unnecessary relational troubles".

3. They Nag a Lot

Negativity can undermine supervisors’ authority with a never-ending flow of criticism. There are times when critique is good for the growth of the business. But you can’t confuse that with cynicism, which can curb momentum.

4. They Need Constant Supervision

“People with batteries included are self-starting and self-directing. People without batteries need others to get them started and keep them going.” You need to lead a company, not micro-manage it.

5. They Won’t Accept Responsibility

Surround your team with people who can be accountable for their actions. According to Hyatt, people without batteries try to avoid responsibility for results.

6. They are Mostly Against Ideas, but Never for them

It’s great to have someone on the team asking a lot of questions but it becomes a problem when they only put others down. Sadly, negative people rarely know what they stand for; they only know what they stand against.

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