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Self-awareness and human motivation

The link between self awareness and creativity seem to be both positive and negative, good of it enhances a higher level of of awareness about the true self, but negative if it distracts you from the process and focuses on the result.

At I found interesting scientific articles in this and many other subjects.

Self-awareness and aversive experience in everyday life

Written by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Thomas J. Figurski

One hundred and seven adults reported their activities, thoughts, and feelings at randomly designated intervals over seven days, resulting in more than 4,800 self-reports. The present investigation focused on the relation of self-awareness and voluntariness to the quality of experience. Results indicated that perceived voluntariness is associated with positive experience, while self-awareness is associated with lower affect, activation, and personal involvement, but only when the activity is felt to be voluntary. This conditional association between self-awareness and aversive experience is discussed as it relates to current theory on self-awareness and recent models of human motivation.

This text is from the abstract, but you can read the whole article on the site as well.

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