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Mastering creative anxiety

To master creative anxiety can be a tricky thing. I am trying new strategies all the time. and they work for a long as I can fool by brain to believe in it :)

Maybe I should try this book instead? I feel that I need to know more about the subject and get some new insights about it.

Here´s a part of the interview with the Author Eric Maisel, Ph.D, psychotherapist and creativity coach, who haw written many books for creative people.

Q: What strategies are available for dealing with creative anxiety?

A: There are really a great many, from taking charge of your basic attitude and becoming a calmer person to doing a better job of appraising situations so that they don't seem so dangerous to using time-honored devices like good luck charms. In Mastering Creative Anxiety I present a menu of twenty-two effective anxiety management tools, enough tools that everyone can find at least one or two that will work well.

Q: Of these many strategies, what are the top two or three?

A:The simplest is to remember to breathe; a few deep cleansing breaths can do wonders for reducing anxiety. The most important anxiety management tool is probably cognitive work, where you change the things you say to yourself, turning anxious thoughts into calmer, more productive thoughts. And creating a lifestyle that supports calmness is also very important: if the way you live your life produces a lot of anxiety, that's a tremendous extra burden on your nervous system.

See the whole interview at :

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