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Move your body, -and be more creative

I remember when I and a friend wrote an assay together in school. She sat by the computer and wrote while I wandered around the room in circles like a maniac. I felt it was much easier to think that way. And I still find it easier to think and to be more creative when I am moving. I does´t matter how, as long as I am moving in any way, doing sit ups, waving my arms and legs or whatever:).

Today I had a long bike-ride, came up with lots of ideas, and quickly noted it all when I got home.

This article tells more about the phenomenon saying:

While taking a stroll through the woods may have been necessary for the geniuses of the past, many of us spend our days in a cramped city and don’t see how walking past Starbucks and Panera Bread will exactly get our inspired juices flowing. But it’s becoming harder to deny how vital a simple walk can be to kick your creativity into gear, especially after last year’s study from Stanford.

Nearly 200 students and adults were asked to perform one of four different tasks: sitting and staring at a blank wall, walking on a treadmill and staring at a blank wall, walking around a path on campus or being pushed around that path in a wheelchair. They were then given tests that measure creative thinking.

And there was no question that those who walked, both indoors and outdoors, were more creative than their sitting counterparts. Yes, even staring at a blank wall and moving your legs helped people come up with more innovative ideas. That’s why it’s so important to maintain your body, it leads to a more sound mind.

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