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Unconscious factors that may affect creativity

Do you focus on the forest or the trees? Whether you have more of a global (holistic) or local (detail-oriented) processing style influences how you fundamentally perceive the world, and isone of the most prominent factors influencing creative thought.

This article about research findings on creativity and unconscious factors that affect creativity is really interesting and give me a clue of why I can´t be creative in certain circumstances and easily can come up with tons of ideas in others. Without being able to say why.....just feeling it as if there was "something in the air"...or not...

These results are fascinating, and suggest that the way we watch, touch, taste, listen, or smell affects our analytical thought, creativity, and categorization automatically, and without our conscious awareness. There are many practical implications of these findings. The results suggest that people and objects in the real world may unconsciously affect our cognition by triggering a global or local processing style. Even differences in the composition of food and aromas may make a difference! This subconscious influence then triggers different systems (holistic or detail-oriented) that process information in fundamentally different ways.

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