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Creativity is not just about imagination

According to research mentioned in the article below, highly creative people use two parts of the brain, one responsible for imagination and another for attention and memory, at the same time, Contrary to the popular belief that the right side of our brains control creativity, creative processes use the whole brain.

'The imagination network allows people to construct meaning from their experiences, remember the past, think about the future, imagine other people's perspectives and alternative scenarios, understand stories, and reflect on mental and emotional.

The processes associated with this brain network are also critical to developing compassion.

But the imagination network doesn't work on its own.

It works with the brain's executive network, responsible for controlling attention and working memory.

The executive network helps to focus imagination, blocking out external distractions and allowing people to tune in to our inner experience.

The brains of creative people are particularly skilled at intricately combining the two brain networks, which are sometimes at odds to each other.

This means they can juggle two very different kinds of thoughts at once, cognitive and emotional.

So when I`m mixing feelings with analysis, (as I most often do) maybe it´s a good thing after all?.....Or at least when it comes to creativity...

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