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How jumping between projects provokes creativity

As I am a "jumpy" person, that quite often zap around between projects and activities. This article tells mora about how jumping between activities provokes creativity.

The editors of the page sais: [---] jumping around on different projects benefits the work we do and the likelihood of a creative result. Taking a break to work on something else can help us avoid fixating on existing solutions. Albert Einstein is (not so) famously known for taking breaks from his scientific discoveries to practice the violin. Elon Musk has been busy not only inventing revolutionary space rockets over the past few years, but he’s also been working to innovate on battery cells, solar energy, and electronic vehicles.

We also see evidence of multiple, simultaneous endeavors being beneficial in lab studies. We’ve tapped into a better understanding how periods of cognitive incubation lead to insights. Research has found that setting unique goals for multiple tasks and jumping between each of them yields more creative output.

So, now I´ll try to jump into something completely different before it´s time to jump into bed.

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