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How to increase endorphins

At I found some interesting tip how to increase endorphins, and activities and life style that can help to increase it.

Endorphins are the bodys natural pain killers that decreases anxiety and makes you feel more happy and sometimes even euphoric. Some also say it´s good for your creativity.

Here is a short list of what you can do to elevate your levels of it:

- Physical exercise

- Social activity

- Dark chocolate

- Spicy foods

- Moderately drinking (heavy drinking decreases the levels)

- Eat foods you enjoy

- Laughter

- Helping others

- Falling in love (maybe it´s easier said than done, and hard to plan:))

- Sex

- Dancing to music

- Go out in the sun

- Sauna

- Play

- Meditation

- Deep breathing

- Massage

- Acupuncture ( at least if you believe it works)

So now I wonder how many things from the list I can squeeze in for one day. Starting out with coffee, dark chocolate, listening to my favorite music.....and maybe.....after the coffee.......some dancing:)

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