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Creativity: Everybodys got it! I´m sure.

As I had my morning coffee it suddenly hit me, not a revolutionary idea, but still...It hit me. - There is a problem with the often used definition of "creativity", which is often explained as "the ability to create something new and useful" The definition tells me that creativity is connected to novelty and goal orientation, but who´s goal? And who´s got the right to say if something is useful or new, and to whom?

I´d rather like to see it from the individual´s perspective, as follows:

-A person is creative if he or she is using their own ability to think and to see things, in perspectives new to them.

- A creative person can find out how to solve problems important to themselves according to the needs of the situation and with the tools available.

-To me, creative people are using their own ability to connect experience, talent and ability in new ways to grow and develop themselves.

-Creative people challenge themselves to go outside their own comfort zone to do something new, in, for them, new ways, just because they are curious, or just for fun, or according to their own personal goals, whatever that might be.

So, what I want to shout out is-

Don´t let anyone else decide if you´re creative or not. Everybody´s got it! I´m sure. Just go out and do whatever you think is creative. You don´t even need a reason.

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