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Creativity and emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is something that has been fascinating me for a long time. What is it and how can it be measured? Is it connected to creativity, and if so, how?

The site is about Emotional Intelligence and I found an inspiring article on the subject:

I also found some inspiration om what to do to boost and develop your creativity.

Activities to Foster Creativity

  • Have a backwards day, beginning by having dinner for breakfast.

  • Use a copier or computer to enlarge small objects and shrink big ones. Make a collage.

  • Explore how two or more ideas can be put together. Create an ongoing practice after dinner or in the car where you use this kind of thinking (it is called biosciation).

  • Ask your child, or anyone else, open-ended questions rather than closed ones. An open-ended question does not have a single or “right” answer; for instance, “What was interesting in your day?” instead of “Did you have a good day?”

  • Make a sculpture, fort, or costume by using everyday items in unusual ways. Turn a couch on its side or bring garden furniture inside.

  • Make up a card game. You can start by changing a game you know, then change it again.

  • Play mental games like “what if….” These require a willingness to think freely, so you need to practice not closing the door on ideas. Resist ever saying, “Don’t be silly!” or “That’s a stupid question.” If a question seems silly, maybe it is time for a silly answer, but don’t close the door.

  • Try cooking with new and unusual spices which you’ve never used. Use the smells to guide your culinary exploration.

  • Get on the internet and play a game where you follow links not based on what information is presented, but on the first letter of the link. See what random and amusing sites you find.

  • Create a model of an environment in which you’d like to live. Use only found objects and natural materials.

  • Make your own “magnetic poetry” using favorite words. You can buy a self-adhesive magnetic sheet from many sign-making shops.

Have a tea party or an event where each guest plays the part of a character from a book, movie, the media, or other realm.

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