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Music that increases creativity

Is there a special kind of music that can increase creativity? Some believes that. Found an article about the subject.

It sais:

A Journal of Consumer Research (JCR) study found that ambient noise actually benefits and improves creative cognition. This means that it can be easier for you to focus and increase your productivity when you have that noise in the background, but not just any noise. The average, busy coffee house has a noise level of about seventy decibels, which happens to be the perfect noise level for reaching optimum levels of creativity and professional production.

While some of us here listen to extremely loud music like Dubstep, JCR suggests that anyone can be more creative when listening to mild ambient noise, particularly coffee shop noises – it’s how our brains are wired.

Ambient noises get our creative juices flowing because moderate noise leves imcrease processing difficulty, promoting abstract processing, leading to higher creativity (and more creative problem solving, of course). When noise levels increase, creative thinking is reduced, and the brain cannot process information as efficiently.

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