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Creativity and healthcare

....And here is something more about endorphins and creativity. But the other way around. But I still stink it can work both ways, either creativity OR endorphins release first....

Anyway, -this was an interesting article that I came across just now, Saying:

The Benefits of Integrating Creativity in Healthcare

I have been studying and researching the effects of creativity and the arts in healthcare for years. The information presented below is culled from evidence-based research and articles on the benefits of integrating the arts in healthcare. ~Marti Hand

A. Evidence-based research

A growing body of research demonstrates that creativity and spirituality can heal by changing a person’s physiology, attitudes, emotional states, and perceptions of pain. Engaging in creative work has been shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. Creative acitivities rouse the hypothalamus to activate the autonomic nervous system, which balances vital signs and hormone level. Engaging in the creative process stimulates the amygdala in the brain to release endorphins

and other neurotransmitters, thereby, reducing pain and triggering the immune system to function more efficiently. Creative interventions shorten hospital stays and decrease the use of pain medication. In addition, by engaging in creative work, patients and family caregivers experience reduced stress and anxiety levels, and a heightened sense of well-being.

You can find the whole article @


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