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Day 6, Making coherent patterns

I`m still at it. And I am surprised. :) So I took on the sixth assignment with great curiosity. (and a bit of skeptisism...) It said: Make a pattern by drawing all kinds of lines on a piece of paper, mostly from one side to another. Then follow 3-5 lines, with one different color each, in any direction you want as long as it is coherent. Then use the same color as the line you just drew and fill an optional number of outlined shapes attached directly to the line, and leave the unfilled lines just as they are. You can see the result below (and despite the I really try to be as accurate as possible I could´n make it LOL!!)

But I liked it, and it was not too hard, giving a set of rules and leaving the rest to a creative mind to solve. And also an easy way to make a decorative picture.

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