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Day 5. Too complicated

I stick to my plan, following the exercise program:) But day 5 it was a back lash. I made it too complicated and the exercise did´t become interesting enough.

I first painted with crayons to music. (a piano sonata by Shostakovitj, ....that I seldom listen to, and therefore chose....But, it was a very good choice)

The music was perfect to the exercise, and the drawing part was great fun.

Then I did three cut outs on paper. A circle, a triangle and a square. Placed the schablons over the drawing, on places I found interesting, and then made new pictures out of it on a new piece of paper. So far so good. But then I had yet another session....To cut out the three painted geometric shapes and make a new layout on another piece of paper and do ANOTHER picture from it.

And that was too much. Lost interest there somewhere. To many exercises in one I guess.

Well, I´ll go for a new try again tomorrow, on a new exercise!

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