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Inspiring people

This weekend I had the privilege to meet lots of inspiring people. It makes me wonder what makes me feel that some people are more inspiring than others.

There are some things that I think is relevant (and probably a thousand more things...)

- Oppenness, -I like when people are truly interested in what I have to say and both listen actively as well as contribute in the discussion, and that they don´t judge me for what I am saying.

-An empathic mind, that they really try to understand the person they are talking to, with a true warm and kind image.

- Humbleness, realizing that they don´t know everything and that everyone is different with diversed experience from life.

- Attentiveness, that they have the skills to be present, here and now and not somewhere else, because they want to.

- And last but not least, people with HUMOUR, is very important to get me inspired.

There probably are a lot more to say about the characteristics of inspiring people, but this was the first things that came up.

I´m inspired by these people because I feel safe with them, and I feel truly seen as the person that I am. In the presence of these people I get tons of ideas!

Quite logic I guess:) But yet very important:)

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