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Probably I am not the only one inspired by abandoned places, but it can be hard to move the office there, and sometimes it´s just not the right place to be. I found an interesting article about environments that increases creativity in the workplace, written by Kursty Groves from February 28, 2013

You can also browse around other articles in this and other subjects related to creativity and innovation in the workplace at

Groves describes four types of creative Spaces:

- Places that stimulates the mind, to help people getting inspired and connect with the problem.

Such a setting can be environments imitating nature, lika a workplace with plants and indoor trees, or big aquariums with colorful fishes and water plants etcetera.

- Environments for reflection and contemplation, like a calm place as a spa, sauna, an indoor hammock, or maybe a lounge for relaxation in the workplace.

- Settings to easen collaboration, places to share, can be a café in the lobby if the company is large enough, or couches and coffeetables placed here and there in the office, whatever makes people comfortable together.

- And finally environments that stimulates playfullness, to stimulate exploration and curiosity, such as a ping-pong table in the office, a beach-volley ground with real sand (for the big company with big plans), opportunities to play parlor games or sing Karaoke etcetera.

The needs of environmental stimulation vary depending on the creative phase each worker is in and what kind of output is desired.

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