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Loosen your creativity, -it´s springtime!

One of my favorite inspirators is Austin Kleon. Check out

He really seem to be an open creative and limitless person, -but still streetsmart and down to earth, when it comes to how you can optimize your creativity and learn to use it who ever you are.

He talks about how you can learn to be more creative, in your own way, and how to find your own expression. Some of the tip he gives is:

-Look around and see what you can use

-Don´t wait to start until you know who you are

-Use your hands to get things done

-Have at least to or more ongoing projects and hobbies, so that you won't get stucked in just one

-Do qualitative and interesting things, and share it with others (as well as you can use what others share)

-Don´t be limited by geography

-Be nice to others (it´s a small world and helping others will help you in the end)

-Be boring (and learn to say no, -it´s the only way to get things done)

-Creativity is subtraction.

So loosen your creativity! -It´s springtime!

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