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How to motivate others to be more creative

I just have to talk more about motivation and creativity. I think it´s extremely fascinating and a neverending source to dig from. I found another blog, written by Todd B Kashdan

Kashdan writes about the major impact that motivation has on creativity. But, the information is quite useless if you try to motivate everybody in the same way. You have to know what they prioritize and what is their most important individual need, to really motivate them.

He sais:

"In the pursuit of a rich, meaningful life, there is a growing body of science suggesting that our greatest values guide our behavior. Psychologist Steven Reiss argues that there are 16 core values/desires/motives. Knowing how we priortize them and how others do the same can explain a lot about why we do the things we do. More importantly, knowing how these 16 basic values are priortized can help us to motivate other people–whether we are interested in rewards or punishments"

Here are the 16 factors that is listed in the blog post (In no particular order):

CURIOSITY - The desire for knowledge and experience.

ACCEPTANCE - The desire for inclusion.

ORDER - The desire for organization.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - The desire for the exercise of muscles.

HONOR - The desire to be loyal to one's parents and heritage.

POWER - The desire to influence others.

INDEPENDENCE - The desire for self-reliance.

SOCIAL CONTACT - The desire for companionship.

FAMILY - The desire to raise one's own children.

STATUS - The desire for social standing.

IDEALISM - The desire for social justice.

VENGEANCE - The desire to get even.

ROMANCE - The desire for intimate connection, sensuality, and sexuality.

EATING - The desire to consume food.

SAVING - The desire to collect things.

TRANQUILITY - The desire for emotional calm.

And there is one need that absolutely leeds me towards further investigation in the matter:


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