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Motivation and creativity

I hav been thinking quite a lot about creativity and motivation and there sure is much written about the subject. I found an interesting article at

The debate about wheather reward is inhibiting or decreasing creativity has been going on more than 40 years and the article summarize it quite well and gives a broad insight in the matter.

The article sais that, not surprisingly, people are most motivated for a task and a subject they feel passionate about. So it is a good idea to find out what passions and interests that you have.

It further declares that, for a higher level of motivation, the problem solving task or situation should be task-oriented instead of goal oriented. In other words, process oriented instead of focused on the final outcome.

But since there are no objective measure of creativity, it all have to be based on subjective observations and feelings towards the situation, the task at hand and so on. Creative skills and the ability to be motivated is also dependent on traits like openness, curiosity, the ability for perserverance and so on.

What the article doesn´t bring up is motivation and creativity based on levels of dopamine, serotonine and some other essential hormones. But I will return to that later on.

Anyway, -I think this article pretty much gives a good introduction. Enjoy!


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