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The red Kimono

I remember a very special art exhibition, almost ten years ago, when I saw a fantastic painting standing out from everything else. It was a blod red painting, in vibrant colors, called "the red Kimono", by the artist Inga Björstedt, from Vallåkra, Sweden. I just felt I had to go to her studio and got the address. WhenI got there it turned out she was a very inspiring and positive person, that also held courses in tempera painting. Of cause I had to try it, and I went three times during three years. I learned a lot about tempera painting and how to paint in layers, which basicly means to, for exemple, paint a thin layer of yellow, and then a thin layer of red, to get orange. Instead of just mixing the color right away. By this method the colors gets more vibrant and interesting. Since then I am most often using this method when I paint in acrylics. See more wonderful artworks at her website

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