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Novelty seeking, dopamine levels and creativity

I found a really interesting article about Novelty-seeking and creativity called

The Psychology of Novelty-Seeking, Creativity and Innovation: Neurocognitive Aspects Within a Work-Psychological Perspective by Tanja Sophie Schweitzer

se the whole article at:

The part that specifically got to me was:

The link between an individual’s novelty-seeking personality and his/her creativity crucially depends on the degree to which an individual is a novelty- seeker, mainly related to the individual’s dopamine levels, and requires the matching forms of support by those who seek to manage their creative process (Schweizer, 2004). She further writes: [—] novelty-seeking as the first component in the onset of the whole nov-elty generation process, followed by creativity as a second component consisting of two main processes: novelty-finding and production of the novelty, which in turn is followed by innovative performance, in which a product is presented to a wider social environment. Within the NGM’s notion of creativity, novelty- finding occurs when an individual has the neurocognitive traits that allow him or her for instance to come up with unusual combinations [—]

So I will continue to search for novelty. For fun and for increasing my chances to be more creative.

Today I took another morning walk. In another way. I walked sideways

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